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About Our CEO
The CEO of this Company is Lisa Brando

Yes, if that name sounds familiar it is............
LISA BRANDO is the daughter of the most iconic and legendary actors of his time MARLON BRANDO

and also the daughter of CYNTHIA LYNN

who played "Helga" on the show "Hogan's Heroes"
(amongst other things) who recently passed away suddenly on March 10, 2014, May she rest in peace.
I love you mom, you are gone but not forgotten, all my love forever... Lisa xoxo :)

Lisa has been in the event planning business for over 25 years and knows it well. She has formed many relationships in the
Hollywood industry, many as friends as well as professionally, with film producers, directors, celebrities, realtors, doctors and
many prominent business people over the years that have used Lisa's personal references and have trusted the
Corporate Event Channels listings and referrals for half her life!!

Lisa is a very talented artist as well as a business woman. She once owed and operated a very successful
wedding cake business in Las Vegas as well as her knowledge of SEO and Website Design and Internet Marketing
to raise her small children as well as a ceramic art shop and even a comic book store and sports book and card collectors gallery.
WHEW - busy girl for a mother of 6 - All while home schooling!!!! YIKES................


She is the one of the FIRST and ORIGINAL creators of online event planning directories and is currently a
Social Media Publicist and an expert in Public Relations as well as an Internet Advertising Consultant
and a internet Website Designer and well known and successful SEO EXPERT.